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Easy, Effective and Non-Invasive…No Down Time, No Anesthesia… 

In addition to its fat-burning and muscle-building benefits, the treatment is also remarkably simple, affordable and pain-free. 

This process can take up to 30 minutes, allowing you to relax in the interim while the device does its transformational work. The overall treatment takes place in 4 sessions spaced over a 2-week consecutive period. Visible results are typically noticeable after 2-4 weeks. 


Q: Why is EMSCULPT NEO the # one choice in body shaping?

A: Because it is the first procedure to provide simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a combined 30 minute session

Q: Am I a candidate?

A: Everybody can benefit from more muscles and less fat. Ask your provider if the treatment is suitable for you

Q: What does it feel like?

A: The Procedure feels like an intense workout with a warming sensation in the treated area. You can lay down and relax during the treatment.

Q: Does it really work?

A: YES …There are several clinical studies that have been published that show the efficacy of the procedure. Your Health Advisor can give you references

If you want to find out more about this breakthrough fat-loss and muscle-building treatment, get in touch with our specialists at Privée Clinics today!

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